August 18, 2015Luxury Italian cookery holidays in the Veneto – how it all began…

How it started – take a small cafe, endless amounts of strong coffee, reams of paper and copious scribbled lists. Eventually you will emerge hours later onto a bright street with a word in your head and a plan on your ipad. In our case the word was Stirred and the plan – to share our vision.

Stirred is a heady cocktail of the good things in life we both love; La bell’Italia, outrageously delicious food, stunning wines, a beautiful language and a rich culture begging to be combined and transformed into a holiday to share with others.

We had the formula so where exactly to place this dreamy mixture? After scrupulous research covering many miles through winding roads, tiny villages, acres of vineyards and olive groves we eventually found the ideal setting – a glorious, 15th century palazzo at the foothills of the Dolomites an hour north of Venice – perfect.

Why the Veneto? To us nowhere quite touches the essence and soul of Italy like the North.   It is rich and robust with a full-bodied depth to its food, wine, culture and terrain lending itself perfectly to the exploration of the undiscovered.

So, we have combined our passions with a lifetime of experience in travel, food, language, a keen eye to detail and laid our table under the Palazzo’s old silk mills – raising a glass of Amarone to all those joining us.