March 18, 2014Transience

It’s taken me years to find a suitable replacement for the many things that I have started, and ultimately failed to continue to collect – action men, football stickers, other people’s stamp collections, Smurfs, Tintin and Asterix books (hardbacks only), beer mats, hats, ornamental knives…you get the idea.

What is it with boys and collecting things? Why did we get pleasure from reviewing a vast pile of stained mats of different shapes and origins….but we did.


Now I have found something that I can collect, enjoy and share in equal and considerable measure – wine. I’ve just taken delivery of a half case of Brunello di Montalcino, 2004 Il Poggione, which I’ve been nursing since birth, and I can’t tell you how pathetically excited I am.

It arrived in its original sleek black box, hermetically sealed with Il Poggione tape, dutifully labelled and numbered. A perfect collectors item – an original. I’ve been checking up on it for the past five years, willing the time along for it to come of age, or at least reach puberty, but I can’t wait any longer. I need to unlock the promise of a hundred flowery critiques, hallowed masters, and discover for myself the ecstasy of such anticipation.

This is a collectors game which doesn’t involve stunted servicemen grimacing from behind plastic windows, but requires an intoxicating retention of sight, scent, taste and sensation.

Now, what can I eat it with?