The Wines

Wines of the Veneto are some of the most important produced in Italy and the area has the greatest production of DOC wines in the country.

Amongst red Veneto wines the most prominent are from the Valpolicella region in the province of Verona and made from a blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grapes. The methods used to produce the bolder versions of Valpolicella – ripasso for Valpolicella Ripasso and appassimento for the king of Valpolicella, Amarone – are exclusive to the Veneto region.

Soave is the principal white wine of the Veneto and is made with the Garganega grape.

Villa Casagrande sits at the entrance to the “Strada del Prosecco” or “Strada del Vino” and is surrounded by vineyards grown on the steep hills which surround Valdobiaddene and produce the Glera grape used exclusively in the production of Prosecco.

Stirred understands the importance of matching wine with food to bring out the very best in both, and to that end we carefully select our wines to be the perfect accompaniment to every meal which is passionately created at Casagrande.

Many years of respectful interaction with the major wine producers in the Veneto, both large and small, have cemented close ties with producers with an envious reputation not only in Italy but on a world stage.

We find it very hard to resist stocking up on wines from Masi (, who for over 200 years have been producing globally renowned wines under the Boscaini family who still run the business today. A member of the family or from the company, usually one and the same person, can often be found holding council over dinner at Villa Casagrande, matching the wonderful range of wines they produce.

Masi famously have a collaboration with the Conti Serego d’Alighieri family (, direct descendants of Dante, producing wonderfully expressive wines on their family estate.

Stirred also has a close working relationship with other giants on the Veneto wine stage such as the Allegrini family (, whose award winning wines speak for themselves, and Pieropan who amongst other wines produce some of the best Soaves in existence.

You can expect an in-depth Prosecco tasting from the Bisol family estate which, tucked into the steep hills surrounding the village of Valdobbiadene, produces an amazing range of wines found only in select spots around the world. The owner of the estate, Gianluca Bisol, is also responsible for resurrecting an ancient grape variety called La Dorona from the Venetian lagoon, the only remaining vines now found in the world. He cultivates them on the island of Mazzorbo to produce the spectacular Venissa, which you will also have the chance to sample with his son Matteo on the island.

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