Recipes & Ramblings from the Stirred Team

Jacob Kenedy’s Cantucci

Deliciously simple and wonderfully versatile, these little beauties will sit perfectly alongside the most decadent of zabagliones, soak up your favourite pudding wine or go with pretty much everything which...…Read more »

The Dolomites

Geographically speaking, if one can say that, the Dolomites are a mountain range in the north east of Italy which form the border with Austria, running from the river...…Read more »

An Italian Picnic

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we are going through something of a mini heatwave here in Britain. How mini it is and how much of a heatwave...…Read more »

Almond Cake Recipe With Naughty Ricotta Cream

  Preparation This wonderful recipe brings back happy memories – serve it with a white recioto, Pieropan Colombaro, if you can get your hands on it. Heat the oven...…Read more »

Cooking Course Reflections From Last Week…

What a week! Where to start with the week that has just been – a trio of raucous, brilliant and talented chefs; Sophie Braimbridge, Jeremy Lee and Rachel Roddy...…Read more »

Italian Chocolate & Baci di Dama Recipe

Italian Chocolate Italy produces mouth-watering chocolate of the highest quality, with some of the best coming from the North; Venchi and Gianduja are notable favourites from the Piedmont region....…Read more »

Deliciously Simple Asparagus Risotto Recipe

Serves 4 This risotto recipe uses just asparagus stock, so it’s great for vegetarians. Best results will be achieved when asparagus is in season and the flavour is at...…Read more »

Exploring Ancient Olive Groves In Puglia

February is not normally the time of year associated with experiencing the very best of things. However, on a trip to Puglia last week there was an abundance of...…Read more »

May Cooking Holiday With 3 Special Guests

  Stirred are delighted to be reopening the kitchen at Palazzo Casagrande for our 2017 season with an exciting trio of veritable stars from the current food scene. Sophie Braimbridge...…Read more »

Delicious Crespelle Recipes Perfect For Pancake Day

Crespelle Con Le Noci – Pancakes Layered With Walnuts & Rum Ingredients for the Pancakes 250g 00 flour 500ml milk 3 eggs 40g melted butter 25ml rum 60g caster...…Read more »

An Introduction to Venice Carnival

The very first edition of the Carnival of Venice took place when Doge Vitale Falier was in power in 1094, taking form initially as a public celebration to honour...…Read more »

Stirred’s Selection of the Best Food Blogs

Trying to whittle down our pick of the best food blogs was… a tough one. There are just so many to choose from. We could narrow it down to...…Read more »

La Festa Degli Innamorati

Verona; where better to start than the home to romance, love, beauty, opera, a delicious and robust cuisine matched with outstanding regional wines, and of course Romeo and Juliet....…Read more »

Sweet & Delicious Blood Orange Granita

Serves 6 Granitas are popular all over Italy, but particularly in the south and Sicily when they are very comforting in the hot months.  There are a variety of...…Read more »

Fennel Salad Recipe With Rocket & Blood Oranges

Serves 4-6 This is a very simple but refreshing tasting salad. It can be made throughout the year and a particularly good recipe for the winter months when salads...…Read more »