Comparables Across Continents

A recent visit to Hong Kong does not make for obvious similarities to Northern Italy.  However, an early morning visit to the bustling wet markets in Kowloon proves me wrong; the freshest of fish; razor clams, red snapper, cuttlefish and squid straight off the sampan at 5am, all sold out by mid morning, gives me a flash reminder of the Rialto fish markets in Venice.

The fresh produce is piled high; varieties of Asian broccoli, pointed spinach leaves unlike it’s rounded European cousin, morning glory – the Chinese equivalent of puntarella, scarlett chillies, large bags of garlic and crates of new season mangoes line the street market.

Vast cinnamon sticks and star anise in the neighbouring spice stall spark memories of the local market back in Follina with its Oriental spices, which make so much of Venetian cuisine stand out from other Italian regions.

The produce varies but the ethos is the same, fresh, abundant and full of flavor, a trio that bridges all markets and continents making a feast for the eyes and flavours for the palate wherever you go.

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