Recipes & Ramblings from the Stirred Team

Pasta Alle Vongole – Pasta with Clams

Pasta alle vongole is one of my favourite pasta dishes: simple, stylish and delicious. Even the children seem to like it as large red chilies often contain very little...…Read more »

Five Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Venice

Ok, so when you think of Venice you think of water. The city is built on it, life within it is made possible by the canals that snake through...…Read more »

Edible Flowers for Summer Dining Italian Style

Deep Fried Zucchini Flowers Serves 4 This fried zucchini flower recipe is a quintessential Italian dish. This sums up all that is integral to Italian cooking, it’s simple and...…Read more »

Five of the Very Best Veneto Wines

Pieropan – La Rocca If you’re thinking mass-produced, characterless Soave from the 1980s and 1990s when the global market was flooded with cheap wine more similar in style to...…Read more »

Ursula Ferrigno Joins the Stirred Travel Team

We are delighted to welcome highly acclaimed food writer and chef Ursula Ferrigno into the kitchen at Villa Casagrande, where she will be demonstrating her considerable depth of knowledge...…Read more »

Zabaglione with Torcolato di Maculan

Zabaglione has got to be one of Italy’s biggest guilty pleasures – a rich, creamy custard-like concoction made by beating eggs and sugar and adding alcohol. It’s delicious, decadent...…Read more »

Italian Easter Recipes

Easter falls at a magical time of year. It’s when the long-awaited transition from Winter to Spring brings with it an abundance of delicate, vibrant and beautifully crisp fresh produce...…Read more »


Baby Lamb Chops Recipe Chops from a small, milk fed lamb are so tiny that they cook in no time at all. In Italy we hold them by the...…Read more »

Uova e Asparagi all Bassanese

Bassano-style Asparagus & Eggs Recipe Serves: 4 people Ingredients: 1 kilo fresh asparagus 4 boiled eggs 2 salted anchovies, cleaned and chopped Some capers Olive oil Wine vinegar Salt...…Read more »

Risotto di Bruscandoli

Hop Shoot Risotto Recipe This very old risotto recipe uses ‘bruscandoli’, the end tips of the hop plant which can easily be found in the Venetian countryside. It can only be...…Read more »

Spaghetti Alle Vongole Recipe

Few things are quicker, easier or more delicious than this recipe for spaghetti with clams. Here Tom Whitaker shares the secret to his mouth-watering take on an all-time classic Italian dish… Serves: 4...…Read more »

Five of the Best Books Set in Venice

What better way to get the blood of Venice coursing through your veins before an imminent departure than to get stuck in to some really evocative literature. People have been...…Read more »

Stirred Short September Break

Escape on a Short Cooking Course this Autumn with Stirred For those who don’t have time to spend a full week indulging in adventurous, hands-on cookery, Stirred is pleased...…Read more »

Bubbly Focaccia Recipe

Few breads around the world can match focaccia for sheer deliciousness. Here Tom Whitaker reveals the secrets to how to make his bubbly focaccia recipe… Ingredients 500g strong white bread...…Read more »

Venice Uncovered – Campo Santa Margherita

There are only really two ways to see Venice. In the winter when it’s dark and dank and deserted, or freezing, sunny, sharp and equally deserted. Or in season...…Read more »