Recipes & Ramblings from the Stirred Team

Cooking in Sync with the Season…

This recipe is delicious served with roast pork or grilled fish. Alternatively serve on fresh brushchetta, grilled polenta or even as a pasta sauce. A great recipe to prepare in...…Read more »

Stirred’s Guide to Italian Rice

Three Italian Rice Varieties Arborio The most popular and, by a very large margin, the most plentifully produced premium Italian rice, Arborio is classified as superfino, a term applied...…Read more »

Stirred’s Guide to Italian Wine

The DOC regulations of Italy were established in the early 1960’s. To say that they have been a double edged sword ever since would be to understate the Italian...…Read more »

Comparables Across Continents

A recent visit to Hong Kong does not make for obvious similarities to Northern Italy.  However, an early morning visit to the bustling wet markets in Kowloon proves me...…Read more »

The Spirit of Spring in a Pea Pod!

So, when I try to envisage what single thing evokes the spirit of Spring for me, I have a recurring image which I just can’t shake – a first...…Read more »

An Italian Celebration of Baby Spring Vegetables

Spring may be dragging its heels here in the UK but in the Veneto, it’s in full swing. This roast vegetable salad recipe is a celebration of baby Spring...…Read more »

A Salad to Set the Tone for Spring

Move over winter, spring is arriving. You know it is by the bunches of purple baby artichokes hanging from the market stalls above the wooden crates of tiny fave...…Read more »

A Rialto Fish Fix

Gliding around the Rialto fresh fish markets on a cold, crisp winter morning is quite possibly one of the best things a fish and seafood junkie will ever get...…Read more »

Stirred’s Guide to Hidden Venice

Have you ever wondered how you go about finding that place in a foreign city you love, which at once makes you feel like a local and not excluded,...…Read more »

The Faces of Stirred Travel – Introducing Sophie Braimbridge

Highly acclaimed chef, Sophie Braimbridge was trained by the Roux Brothers and has cooked in some of the world’s leading restaurants, including Le Gavroche and the River Cafe in...…Read more »

Valentine’s Day – something and nothing?

For a keen ‘risottista’ it certainly is a something. Making risotto is a love affair. From the moment you drop the onion soffritto into the pan of gently melting butter to...…Read more »

A Warming Winter Soup from the Stirred Kitchen

Minestra D’Inverno (Winter Minestrone) with thanks to Alastair Little A soup that is finished in the oven, and which is incredibly ribsticking, nourishing and delicious. The quantities given are...…Read more »

All Good Things Come to a Better End

This time of year always feels like the calm before a storm – the cooking tsunami that is Christmas is almost upon us and, after that, New Year’s Eve lies in wait with...…Read more »

Prosecco: Liquid Gold for Christmas

So it’s generally that time of the year for corks to be eased out of their necks with more or less veracity, greater pomp or lesser ostentation, by sword...…Read more »

Hark the Unheralded!

With every festive season comes a host of certainties. From temperamental Christmas tree lights to that mysterious tag-less present under the tree, you can also always count on a...…Read more »