Prosecco: Liquid Gold for Christmas

prosecco bubbles

So it’s generally that time of the year for corks to be eased out of their necks with more or less veracity, greater pomp or lesser ostentation, by sword or barely audible exhalation, ricochet or with muffled discretion. Whatever way you want really, as long as it avoids the endless and senseless comparison between Champagne and Prosecco, which pervades every occasion where there is an urge for a refreshing and effervescent stimulant.

Both fizz, but the similarity essentially ends there, and any further discussion would entail falling into the above-mentioned trap, which is clearly to be avoided at all costs. At Palazzo Casagrande we are blessed to sit just above the verdant fields of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, where passionate and dedicated producers toil ceaselessly to extract the liquid gold from vertiginous terraces and magic it into the crisp, fresh, flowering face of sunshine to light up even the most cynical flute.

A couple of highly recommended hours spent with charming Valentino from the world famous Bisol winery will set the record straight on the sheer scope and diversity of the Prosecco they produce, not to mention the self-confessed Grand Theft Auto patter which puts many a native speaker to shame.

Glera rocks!

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