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Like many businesses, not least in the travel and hospitality sectors, Stirred has been unable to open its doors onto the rich and vibrant culinary world in which it operates. Chefs and cooks have been prevented from plying their trade and performing in the arenas they are accustomed to and we have been unable to feed off the fruits of their highly sought after labour.

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In light of these unprecedented circumstances, Stirred Travel and Unique Homestays have come together to combine Stirred’s unparalleled access to the UK’s most talented and exciting chefs and cooks with a truly iconic collection of the country’s most exclusive holiday homes, to offer creative, in-house dining experiences making use of the very best local, seasonal produce for which our abundant shores are renowned.

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If you’re simply looking to make the very most of your holiday by putting your feet up and crossing the cooking duties off your list, or you and your guests would like to indulge in a truly 5 star culinary extravaganza, we would be delighted to explore what you have in mind and come up with an experience which will be sure to make your well-earned break all the more memorable.