Sara Danesin

I was born in Padova, a triplet, and grew up in a traditional Italian family, where both my parents were and remain real foodies. Like most Italians I am very passionate about food.

My ethos in the kitchen is simplicity, using a few, top quality ingredients to create an explosion of flavours. In a recent interview celebrating 10 years on the MasterChef programme, one of the 2 judges revealed that his favourite MasterChef dish of all times was my freshly made pasta with a red mullet ragout and pesto. An unusual combination of a handful of ingredients available and yet so delicious. It is through my dining club, cookery classes and tailor made catering that I have been transmitting this passion for food and cooking since then.

I am the very proud owner and Chef patron of Sara @ St John’s, York’s first and still only Supper Club. Since its opening on 2 July 2011, we have had over 12000 guests. I believe my great passion for food must be shared and it is my wish to help change people’s perspective on cooking. I enjoy teaching and meeting clients who share the same passion or want to learn and improve their skills in the kitchen. I have been teaching at a number of prestigious cookery schools all over the UK and am also a Chef consultant for a well known pasta brand in Italy and an ambassador for AGA cookers.